availability calendars

If you own a holiday cottage, run a B&B or hotel, or any holiday accommodation business, an availability calendar is fast becoming essential. Online booking has increased dramatically over the past few years, with a significant percentage of visitors preferring to make their reservation while scouring the web, rather than booking over the telephone.

Most holiday cottages have an agent who will have an availability calendar on their own website. Many hotels and bed and breakfasts now use sophisticated booking software, which often provides a calendar facility that can be embedded into your own website.

But what if you have no need of a booking system, or your accommodation business cannot be represented by off-the-shelf software ?

Case Study : Self catering availability calendar

Quirky Holidays Cornwall offer self catering in a variety of unusual guises. A gypsy waggon, a steam roller living wagon, a GWR Ale wagon, plus a cross between all three.

The owners needed a way to define very flexible accommodation tariffs, letting durations, discount structures etc, particular to each unit.

An off-the-shelf system wouldn't be able to cope with this level of complexity, and so I was commissioned to build a bespoke system to make the whole process of managing availability, pricing, and bookings as simple as possible.

Availability is fully incorporated into a bespoke online booking system, hooked up to Paypal's payment processing.

"I just wanted to thank you again for our virtual booking clerk. She, its efficiency and tidy appearance convince me itís a she, is like a silent member of staff reporting sales with a friendly email which bring a smile to my face every time. All the information needed is presented to me to complete the booking process and I am delighted that my customers also find it an easy system to use from the purchasing end."
Quirky Holidays Cornwall